Bloggers Choice: Reus Game Review


These are buildings that can be built in settlements by meeting the project’s requirements and they usually come with a time limit. Finishing projects can make an ambassador appear. Certain aspects can only be unlocked by certain ambassadors (like swamp ambassador, ocean ambassador, etc.) They basically upgrade your giants.

That building right there is a finished project

I’m jealous of the ambassador. My favorite giant too =(

Game Mechanics:


Transmuted floras, faunas, and minerals changes what they originally were physically and even biologically. So think of it as a buff up variant of its former different self. An example would be transmuting a peppermint into a tomato or transmuting a chicken into a rabbit. The transformation also gives them different symbiosis and abilities.


This is something that you really have to take advantage off in order to help your settlers thrive to its fullest potential. Basically it is like a bonus effect when you place certain floras, faunas, minerals, or buildings (projects) by others that they can have symbiosis with. For example: Placing a peppermint tree by a mineral yields +7 bonus in technology for every mineral by it. As stated above, transmuted plants, animals, and minerals also end up with different symbiosis from their former selves.

Transmutation and Symbiosis Window


It is pretty much like a project’s version of symbiosis. Scientific Fact: Symbiosis scientifically pertains to biologically different organisms living on each others beastness. Like how anemones give clown fishies homes and protection with their sting of doom and in turn, the clown fishies poopies give the anemones ..ernomnoms. The anemones basically eat Nemo doodoo D:.


Like in many civilizations throughout history people go cray, cray for wealth and become greedy. This will cause villages to attack neighboring villages. If they become too greedy, we have no choice but to smite them so this will wipe out the entire village. There will be an indicator on just how greedy a village currently is so keep on a lookout for that.

Greed indicator

Final Verdict

If you are like me who is been looking for a decent godgame, I would hands down recommend Reus. It doesn’t only takes us back to godgames we loved playing back in the day, but it also gives us something different along with a bit more complexity than other games that share the same genre like BW2. Personally speaking, in terms of game mechanics, I prefer Reus over BW2 which surprised me. Unlike my favorite game BW2 where I only need to focus on protecting and caring for my civilization or tormenting them when I feel like it; in Reus, I am forced to keep tabs on whether one of my villages is getting too greedy and about start a war against another village under my care.

The game’s mechanics also gave me the opportunity to maximize my villages potential for growth through symbiosis and specialization forcing me to be more cautious about my villages borders and the placements of my faunas, floras, minerals, and projects. It requires more planning which I like because it gives me a challenge. I also have more options with how I want to raise my villages and can even have them specialize in either food, wealth, or tech which I really like.

This is a game that truly needs to be tried. If writing a good video games review is a problem for you, improve your writing skills with the Robot Don online text checker.