Xbox Disc Repair Options

Are you hooked on your Xbox system? If you are like most, you can’t live without your favorite Xbox game. But what happens when the unthinkable happens? Your favorite game has been played to the limits, and then one day it no longer works. Maybe another family member accidentally scratched the disc or maybe you can’t figure out what went wrong. So what do you do? Do you turn out and buy another copy? Well if you don’t want to spend another $50 getting a new disc, you may want to consider your Xbox disc repair options.

There are a few to choose from and may end up saving you quite a bit of money in the process.

Your first option is to do-it-yourself. Sometimes a simple wipe down with window cleaner with do the trick. If that doesn’t work, then you will need to go a bit deeper with a resurfacing kit. There are many disc resurfacing kits available at your local game store. They usually include a little device that will do the polishing, as well as a special cream that you will apply directly to your game disc. I would recommend practicing on an old game or CD to get the procedure down. Once you are confident start polishing away. Make sure to clean the disc thoroughly after this process, so that there is no residual cream.

If the do-it-yourself resurfacing doesn’t do the trick then it is time to consult the pros. Look in your local yellow pages or online directory for the nearest Xbox disc repair center. Many will be able to do the job for you while you wait, while others ask that you leave the disc overnight. Some of the best repair shops will loan you another copy of your damaged game so that you can keep playing while your disc is being repaired. Make sure to ask about the price beforehand to make sure it is even worth repairing- if it costs $45 dollars to resurface your Xbox disc you may be better off just buying new. Remember that there is no guarantee that your disc will work after the process, so be prepared.

Since nothing is guaranteed it is important to have a plan B. In this case, you may just want to buy a whole new game disc. That way you can be sure that you have many hours of game play ahead of you. Your best bet would be to look at a used Xbox disc store. You can purchase a gently used game for a fraction of the cost of one new. And always remember to handle your games with care.

Be careful not to scratch the surface and always keep them in their case or protective sleeve to prevent further damage. If there are small children or pets in your home, keep your Xbox games up high out of harm’s way. In the case of a scratch- your best bet is to treat it right away. The longer you let a scratch go untended the worse that it can get.

So good luck and game on!